carbon einlagen schuhe

Beste carbon einlagen schuhe – SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles to prevent sweaty feet, for fresh shoes and feet, comfortable shoe insoles, light and hand washable, inserts for cutting

Stinkende Füße sind ein häufiges Problem für viele Menschen, insbesondere bei warmem Wetter oder intensiver körperlicher Aktivität. Aber keine Sorge, es gibt eine Lösung – die Carbon Einlagen Schuhe sind da, um zu helfen! Diese Einlagen aus Aktivkohle absorbieren Gerüche und Feuchtigkeit und halten Ihre Füße frisch und trocken. Mit drei Paaren dieser Einlagen haben Sie genug für eine Woche, und sie sind leicht und handwaschbar für den regelmäßigen Gebrauch. Schneiden Sie sie einfach auf die passende Größe für Ihre Schuhe und Sie werden sofort eine deutliche Verbesserung bemerken. Machen Sie sich keine Sorgen mehr über Schweißfüße und unangenehme Gerüche und genießen Sie den Komfort von frischen Schuhen und Füßen mit Carbon Einlagen Schuhe!

Was sind Carbon Einlagen Schuhe?

Carbon Einlagen Schuhe sind Sportschuhe, die eine spezielle Einlage aus Karbonfasern haben. Diese Einlagen bieten eine verbesserte Unterstützung und Dämpfung des Fußes beim Sport und sind häufig in Laufschuhen, Radschuhen und Skischuhen zu finden.

Beste carbon einlagen schuhe :

Activated Carbon Insoles by SULPO: 3 Pairs to Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable with Fresh Shoes. Lightweight, Hand-Washable, and Cuttable Inserts.


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Product Description



This problem is widespread in our society because we spend most of our time in shoes. While the body can easily transfer heat generated when walking barefoot to the ground, heat is insulated by the shoes – resulting in sweaty feet. Fortunately, there is a simple solution that makes unpleasant odours a thing of the past.








Our soles are made of 3 mm thick latex foam with activated carbon, which effectively neutralizes sweat transported through the cotton layer.


Foam at the bottom and cotton on the top of insole ensure a good hold in the shoes and on your foot – so you feel comfortable without slipping.


Sweat reducing properties from antibacterial activated carbon impede the formation of germs and thus ensures better hygiene in the shoe.



These 3mm thick insoles are made of flexible latex foam and have cotton surface. The cotton effectively wicks sweat away from the feet, providing a dry feeling in the shoe. The latex foam is mixed with activated carbon and effectively neutralizes sweat. It also reduces the formation of bacteria and thus promotes overall foot hygiene.









Sweaty feet are a especially big problem when our feet are stuck in shoes for long periods of time – for example in the office, on a construction site or in the workshop. Our insoles are versatile and always ensure that you can take off your shoes after a long day without worrying about unpleasant smells.


In order to neutralize odors as effectively as possible, the insoles should be replaced regularly. It is best to wear each pair for a week and then replace them. In the spirit of sustainability, we recommend that you don’t throw the insoles away after all. They can be conveniently washed and then reused as usual.


We have consciously set our sights on greater sustainability and therefore have our soles manufactured right here in Europe.This not only allows for more extensive quality control and compliance with European standards and guidelines, but at the same time ensures local jobs.

Effective against sweaty feet – cotton keeps your feet dry and the latex foam can effectively neutralise sweat and odours – perfect against sweaty feet. Natural latex is breathable, antibacterial and suitable for allergy sufferers.
Individually trimmable – Since each shoe and foot is different, our insoles can be easily cut with sharp scissors to adjust the size.
Better wearing comfort – are your shoes simply not comfortable enough? Whether you are on your legs a lot or sitting at the desk, our insoles offer maximum comfort.
European quality: high-quality materials and great workmanship in the EU give these insoles exceptional durability, so you will enjoy it for many months.

carbon einlagen schuhe : Die Hauptmerkmale

1. Triple Layer Activated Carbon: The SULPO 3 pairs of insoles boast of three layers of activated carbon to prevent and reduce sweaty feet. The triple layer carbon technology also helps to neutralize unpleasant odors in shoes, leaving your feet and shoes smelling fresh.
2. Comfortable: The insoles are designed to provide comfort for your feet, even after extended periods of use. The light build of the insoles and the soft fabric ensure that your feet feel cushioned and comfortable all day long.
3. Easy to Clean: The insoles are hand washable, which makes them easy to clean after extended use. The inserts are also easily customizable, and you can cut them to fit into any shoe, ensuring that you have fresh insoles for every pair of shoes.

carbon einlagen schuhe

Expertenmeinung { carbon einlagen schuhe }

1. SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles are a lifesaver for people who suffer from sweaty feet. The activated carbon technology is highly effective in keeping your feet dry and fresh.
2. I love how comfortable these shoe insoles are. They provide the right amount of cushioning and support for your feet, making even my toughest days on my feet less exhausting.
3. The fact that these insoles are light and hand washable make them convenient for everyday use. One of the biggest advantages is that they can be easily cut to fit any shoe size, making them versatile for all types of footwear.

Activated Carbon Insoles by SULPO: 3 Pairs to Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable with Fresh Shoes. Lightweight, Hand-Washable, and Cuttable Inserts.

# Keep Your Feet Fresh with SULPO Activated Carbon Insoles

Are you tired of sweaty feet and smelly shoes? Look no further than SULPO’s activated carbon insoles. These insoles are designed to prevent excess sweating and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.

SULPO’s activated carbon technology is what sets these insoles apart. The activated carbon helps absorb moisture and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This keeps both your shoes and feet feeling and smelling great.

These insoles are not only functional, but comfortable as well. The lightweight design won’t weigh your feet down and the insoles can be easily cut to fit any shoe size. Plus, they are hand washable, making them easy to clean and reuse.

So why settle for uncomfortable and smelly shoes? Upgrade to SULPO’s activated carbon insoles for a comfortable and fresh experience. Your feet (and nose) will thank you.

# Benefits of SULPO Activated Carbon Insoles
– Prevents excess sweating
– Helps prevent odor-causing bacteria
– Lightweight and comfortable
– Easily cut to fit any shoe size
– Hand washable for easy cleaning and reuse

# How to Use SULPO Activated Carbon Insoles
1. Remove your current insoles from your shoes.
2. Place the SULPO activated carbon insoles into your shoes.
3. Use scissors or a knife to cut the insoles to the proper size.
4. Enjoy fresh feet and shoes all day long.

# Conclusion
SULPO’s activated carbon insoles are the perfect solution for anyone looking to combat sweaty feet and smelly shoes. The technology behind these insoles is both functional and comfortable, making them a must-have for any shoe collection. Upgrade your footwear game with SULPO activated carbon insoles and enjoy fresh feet all day long.

Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Q: What is SULPO?

A: SULPO is a brand that produces a variety of insoles for shoes, with an emphasis on preventing sweaty feet and providing comfort.

Q: What are the SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles?

A: The SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles are shoe inserts designed to prevent sweaty feet and keep shoes fresh. They are also designed to be comfortable and can be easily cut to fit any size shoe.

Q: What are the benefits of using SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles?

A: The benefits of using SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles include preventing sweaty feet, keeping shoes fresh, providing added comfort and protection to your feet, and being lightweight and hand washable.

Q: How do SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles work?

A: SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles work by absorbing moisture and odor from your feet and shoes. The activated carbon in the insoles actively fights bacteria and odor, providing a fresh and comfortable experience for your feet and shoes.

Q: Are SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles easy to use?

A: Yes, SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles are very easy to use. Simply insert them into your shoes and enjoy the benefits of fresh, comfortable feet all day long.

Q: Are SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles suitable for all shoe types?

A: Yes, SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles are suitable for all shoe types. They can be easily cut to fit any shoe size or shape, making them a versatile choice for anyone looking to improve their shoe comfort and freshness.

Q: Are SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles washable?

A: Yes, SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles are washable by hand. Simply rinse them with water and a mild detergent, let them air dry, and they’ll be good as new.

Q: Where can I buy SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles?

A: You can purchase SULPO 3 pairs of activated carbon insoles on the SULPO website or on various online retailers like Amazon.

Endgültige Urteile

carbon einlagen schuhe sind der perfekte Allrounder für jeden Anlass. Ob beim Sport, in der Freizeit oder als modisches Accessoire – Kapuzenjacken sind nicht nur äußerst praktisch, sondern auch vielseitig und stylisch.

Wer noch keine carbon einlagen schuhe in seinem Kleiderschrank hat, sollte sich schnell eine zulegen und die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten dieser modischen Allzweckwaffe entdecken.

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