flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg

Beste flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg – Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike in 26 and 28 Inch Aluminium Bicycle for Girls, Boys, Men and Women – 21 Speed Gear – Dutch Bike StVZO

Das Lizenzbike Stella Plus Premium City Bike ist das perfekte Fahrrad für Mädchen, Jungen, Männer und Frauen in verschiedenen Größen von 26 und 28 Zoll. Es verfügt über 21 Geschwindigkeitsgänge und ist nach den neuesten niederländischen StVZO-Standards zertifiziert. Ein häufiges Problem bei E-Bike-Damen mit tiefem Einstieg ist die mangelnde Stabilität des Rahmens. Das Stella Plus erledigt dies jedoch perfekt mit seinem robusten Aluminiumrahmen und sorgt für eine angenehme Fahrt auf allen Geländetypen.

Was ist ein Flyer E-Bike mit Damen Tiefeinstieg?

Ein Flyer E-Bike mit Damen Tiefeinstieg ist ein Elektrofahrrad, das speziell für Frauen mit einer niedrigeren Einstiegshöhe entwickelt wurde. Es eignet sich besonders gut für Personen mit eingeschränkter Mobilität oder Gelenkproblemen. Flyer ist eine renommierte Schweizer Fahrradmarke, die für ihre hochwertigen E-Bikes bekannt ist.

Beste flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg :

The Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is a durable and stylish aluminum bicycle available in both 26 and 28 inch sizes for girls, boys, men, and women. With its 21 speed gear system, this Dutch bike is able to handle various terrains while complying with StVZO regulations for ultimate safety.


Kurze beschreibung:

A great city bike with aluminium frame (cable in the bicycle frame) for everyday use in the country as well as from quick city trips to longer distances. The 21-speed derailleur offers you a smooth gear ratio for all driving conditions. The Stella Plus is an excellent women’s city bike at a reasonable price. The bicycle is equipped with front and rear lighting and complies with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. Installation is quick and easy. The bike is delivered already 85% pre-assembled. The final assembly of the bike is done by the customer itself. Tools are included. Pedals, handlebars, bell, front light, saddle, mudguards and front wheel must be assembled by the customer. The brakes and gears are mounted and only need to be adjusted. The link to the assembly video can be found on the packaging.
The perfect city bike: the bike is a real everyday hero and suitable for everyday use, the way to work, but also for a longer day trip. Thanks to the high-quality gears, you have a safe and beautiful driving experience when driving through the city.
Premium quality: with the optimised derailleur gears, you experience optimal driving comfort, thanks to a clean and gentle transmission. So you are guaranteed to reach your destination regardless of the weather. In addition, you will receive tools as an accessory for quick installation.
Unique design: the Liquorne bikes can not only shine with your inner values. With the modern and unique design, the high-quality bikes are a real eye-catcher in every position. With the bicycle from LICORNE Bike, you will see you, thanks to the front/backlight, according to the StVZO, everyone is guaranteed on the road.
High-quality materials: the bike has a robust and durable steel frame, so you can use the bike in any position. In addition, the bike is 85% pre-assembled and after a short adjustment of the brakes and gears, you can start cycling straight away.
LICORNE BIKE’s promise: so that we can make the decision to purchase a little easier, we take the risk completely on us and give you a promise. If for any reason you do not like anything on the bike, you will get your money back. Up to 30 days after purchase!

flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg : Die Hauptmerkmale

1. 21 Speed Gear: The Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano gearbox, allowing riders to smoothly shift between gears to tackle any terrain. Whether you’re cruising through the city or embarking on a more challenging ride, this bike is designed to handle it all.

2. Lightweight Aluminium Frame: The bike’s lightweight aluminium frame makes it easy to handle and maneuver while providing sufficient durability to withstand daily use. This feature makes it an ideal bike for riders of all ages and sizes.

3. StVZO approved lighting system: The bike is equipped with an front and rear LED light system that is StVZO (German Road Traffic Regulations) approved, providing exceptional visibility and ensuring riders’ safety during low-light conditions. This feature is essential for city commuting or night-time rides.

Overall, the Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is an excellent choice for riders looking for a versatile and durable bike that performs well in any condition. Its sleek design and advanced features make it a popular choice for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg

Expertenmeinung { flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg }

1. Die Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike ist ein hervorragendes Fahrrad für Fahrerinnen und Fahrer jeden Alters. Mit seinem leichten Aluminiumrahmen und 21-Gang-Getriebe ist es perfekt für Stadt- und Landfahrten.

2. Die Verarbeitungsqualität der Licorne Bike Stella Plus ist hervorragend. Es ist einfach zu montieren und die mitgelieferten Werkzeuge erleichtern den Aufbau.

3. Das Design des Licorne Bike Stella Plus ist elegant und stilvoll. Es ist erhältlich in 26 und 28 Zoll und ist somit geeignet für Fahrerinnen und Fahrer von unterschiedlicher Körpergröße. Mit der StVZO-Zertifizierung ist es zudem sicher auf deutschen Straßen zugelassen.

Stylish and High-Quality Dutch Bike StVZO: Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium in 26″ and 28″ Aluminium Frame – Equipped with 21-Speed Gear System for Everyone – Perfect for Girls, Boys, Men and Women.

#Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike: the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

If you’re looking for a premium city bike that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality, Licorne Bike Stella Plus is the perfect choice. Available in both 26 and 28 inch aluminium frames, this bike caters to girls, boys, men and women alike. Its 21-speed gear system ensures you get a smooth ride whatever the terrain, while the Dutch Bike StVZO certification guarantees you a safe and reliable ride on German roads.

But what is it that makes this bike stand out from the crowd? Let’s break down the features and benefits of Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike in more detail.

##Aesthetic Appeal

One of the first things you’ll notice about Licorne Bike Stella Plus is its sleek and stylish design. The bike’s frame is crafted from high-quality aluminium, which gives it a lightweight and modern feel that’s perfect for city cycling. The low step-through frame design makes it easy to get on and off, making it a perfect option for commuters.

The frame’s geometric design and elegant curves are complemented by a range of colours that are sure to fit your personal style. Licorne Bike Stella Plus comes in a variety of classic hues like black, white and silver, as well as more playful shades like turquoise and pink.

##Functional Features

Licorne Bike Stella Plus may look good, but it also delivers when it comes to functionality. The 21-speed gear system ensures a smooth ride whether you’re cycling uphill or on a flat surface, and the Shimano shifter and derailleurs make shifting gears a breeze.

In addition to its smooth ride performance, Licorne Bike Stella Plus also meets important safety standards for German roads. The bike is certified by the Dutch Bike StVZO, which means it has been rigorously tested for factors like visibility, lighting, and braking.

##Additional Benefits

Licorne Bike Stella Plus is packed with additional features that make it the perfect choice for city cycling. The bike’s aluminium frame ensures it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, while the comfortable saddle and grips provide a smooth ride experience. The brakes are reliable and responsive, so you can feel confident even in crowded urban traffic.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s easy to maintain, Licorne Bike Stella Plus delivers. The bike comes with mudguards, a chain guard, and a luggage rack, which means you’ll have everything you need for your daily commute. Overall, Licorne Bike Stella Plus offers a well-designed, high-quality city bike that delivers both style and functionality.


As you can see, Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality city bike. It combines style, functionality, and safety to provide a smooth, enjoyable ride experience for both beginners and more experienced cyclists. And with its low step-through frame design, range of colours available, and variety of features like mudguards and a luggage rack, it delivers everything you need for your daily commute and more.

Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Q: What does the Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike come with?

A: This bike comes with a 21 speed gear system, front and rear lights, a bell, a kickstand, a rear luggage rack, and a comfortable saddle.

Q: What is the frame made of?

A: The frame of the Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is made of lightweight and durable aluminum.

Q: Who can ride this bike?

A: This bike is suitable for both males and females of all ages. It comes in 26 and 28 inch sizes, making it a versatile choice for different heights and preferences.

Q: Is this bike suitable for city riding?

A: Absolutely! The Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is designed specifically for city riding. It comes with a smooth ride and excellent maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating through busy streets and crowded areas.

Q: What kind of brakes does the bike have?

A: The Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike comes with powerful and reliable V-brakes, ensuring safe and effective braking at all times.

Q: Does the bike come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike comes with a 2-year warranty.

Q: Is the bike easy to assemble?

A: The bike arrives partially assembled, but with the included instructions and tools, it should be simple for anyone to complete the assembly process.

Q: Can this bike handle hills and inclines?

A: Yes, the 21 speed gear system allows for easy and smooth shifting, making it easy to handle hills and inclines.

Q: Is the bike compliant with German regulations?

A: Yes, the Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is compliant with StVZO regulations, making it safe and legal to ride on roads and streets in Germany.

Q: What color options are available for the bike?

A: The Licorne Bike Stella Plus Premium City Bike is available in several color options including Black, Blue, and White.

Endgültige Urteile

flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg sind der perfekte Allrounder für jeden Anlass. Ob beim Sport, in der Freizeit oder als modisches Accessoire – Kapuzenjacken sind nicht nur äußerst praktisch, sondern auch vielseitig und stylisch.

Wer noch keine flyer e bike damen tiefer einstieg in seinem Kleiderschrank hat, sollte sich schnell eine zulegen und die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten dieser modischen Allzweckwaffe entdecken.

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