To make these lights, you will need: -Solo cups -A string of lights -A drill First, use the drill to make a hole in the bottom of each cup. Next, thread the string of lights through each cup. Finally, plug in the string of lights and enjoy your new decoration!

  • Gather your supplies: a solo cup, LED lights, and batteries
  • Make a small hole in the bottom of the solo cup
  • Insert the LED lights into the hole
  • Tape up the hole around the lights so they are secure
  • Turn on the lights and enjoy your new decoration!

How Do You Make a Plastic Cup Light?

If you want to make a plastic cup light, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, gather your supplies. You’ll need a plastic cup, a LED light, and some batteries.

Next, cut a hole in the bottom of the cup big enough for the LED light to fit through. Once the hole is cut, insert the LED light into it and secure it with tape or glue. Finally, put some batteries in the cup and turn on the light!

Your plastic cup should now be lit up!

How Do You Make a Sparkle Ball Light?

How to Make a Sparkle Ball Light What You Need: -A styrofoam or plastic ball (2-3 inches in diameter)

-A pushpin or thumbtack -Aluminum foil -Scissors

-Tape -White glue -Glitter

Instructions: 1. Begin by poking a small hole in the center of your styrofoam or plastic ball using a pushpin or thumbtack. Be sure that the hole is large enough to fit your string of lights through later on.

2. Next, cover the entire surface of the ball with aluminum foil, making sure to smooth it out as you go so that there are no crinkles. Once the ball is completely covered, use scissors to trim off any excess foil. 3. Now it’s time to add some sparkle!

Pour a generous amount of white glue into a bowl and mix in glitter until you have reached your desired level of shimmer. Then, begin painting the glittery mixture onto your aluminum foil ball, covering it entirely. Allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

4 4. Finally, thread your string of lights through the hole in the center of the ball and secure it in place with tape if necessary. Hang up your new sparkle ball light and enjoy!

How Do You Make a Plastic Cup Chandelier?

A plastic cup chandelier is a fun and easy way to add some personality to your home. It’s also a great conversation starter! Here’s how you can make your own:

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need around 30 plastic cups, a string of lights, scissors, and tape. 2. Cut the bottom off of each cup.

This will create a flat surface for the cups to sit on when they’re attached to the chandelier. 3. String the lights through the holes in the bottom of the cups. If you’re using battery-operated lights, be sure to tape over the batteries so they don’t come loose and fall out.

4. Once all of the cups are strung on, carefully tie them together at the top so they form a “chandelier.” Hang it up and enjoy!

How Do You Make Hanging Light Balls?

There are many ways to make hanging light balls, but one of the most popular and simplest methods is using clear Christmas lights. You will need a pack of clear mini Christmas lights, a small styrofoam ball, hot glue, and ribbon. First, use the hot glue to attach the ribbon to the top of the styrofoam ball.

Then begin wrapping the lights around the ball, being careful not to break any of the bulbs. Once you have wrapped all of the lights around the ball, tuck in any loose wires and secure them with more hot glue if necessary. Hang your light balls by attaching them to hooks or nails in your ceiling- they look especially pretty when hung in multiples!

DIY Sparkle Ball Using Plastic Cups!

How to Make Christmas Decorations With Plastic Cups

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to decorate for Christmas, why not try making some decorations out of plastic cups? All you need is some cups in festive colors, some glue, and some glitter. You can make all sorts of things with them, from ornaments to garlands to wreaths.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: One easy decoration to make is a garland. Just string the cups together with some ribbon or twine, and hang them up.

You could also add some bells or other small decorations between the cups. If you want something a little more three-dimensional, try gluing the cups together in the shape of a star or tree. Once they’re dry, you can add glitter or paint for extra sparkle.

Another great idea is to use the cups as gift tags. Simply write the name of the recipient on one cup, and glue it onto their present. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, you could even make your own mini-ornaments out of the cups.

Just glue two together back-to-back, add a loop of ribbon for hanging, and decorate however you like. These would be perfect for attaching to packages or adorning your Christmas tree. So whatever your plastic cup decoration dreams may be, don’t be afraid to try something new this holiday season!


This blog post provides instructions on how to make a light out of a Solo cup. First, cut a hole in the bottom of the cup. Next, insert an LED light into the hole.

Then, put batteries into the bottom of the cup. Finally, screw on the top of the cup to complete the project.

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